BYD ATTO 3 Service Plan

Lock in your first three years’ service costs

BYD ATTO 3 Service Plan

Lock in your first three years’ service costs

Your electric vehicle is easier to maintain than traditional diesel or petrol vehicles, because they have fewer moving parts. Less to go wrong. That said, some components do need to be regularly maintained to ensure smooth and safe operation over time, like brakes, filters, coolant and general inspection of the vehicle. We want your new EV to serve you and your family safely and problem-free for years to come.

We’ve compiled this easy service schedule table for the first three years of ownership. All cars, regardless of fuel or technology, require regular maintenance. This service schedule is specific for the BYD ATTO 3 electric SUV.

You can purchase a 3-year Service Plan with your BYD ATTO 3 for $799 and lock-in your service costs for the first three years. Three years not enough? We’re also offering a 6-year 120,000km Service Plan for $1,996. You can even include your BYD ATTO 3 Service Plan in your car finance package. Your Ebbett BYD consultant will be happy to explore your options with you.

3 months / 5,000 km
12 months / 20,000 km
24 months / 40,000 km
36 months / 60,000 km
48 months / 80,000 km
60 months / 100,000 km
72 months / 120,000 km
84 months / 140,000 km
96 months / 160,000 km
Initial Inspection
Tighten the chassis fixing screws
Check Brake pedal and EPB switch
Brake pads and discs
Check Brake system pipelines & hoses
Guide pin of brake caliper assembly checkup
Check Steering wheel and pull rod
Drive shaft boot checkup
Ball pin and boot checkup
Check front and rear suspension
Check tyres and inflation pressure (incl. TPMS)
Front and rear alignment checkup
Tyre rotation (customer responsibility)
Check air pressure and tire condition at least once a month and conduct rotation every 10,000km
Door stop checkup (Apply 0.3-0.8g of grease)
Wheel bearings clearance checkup
Check coolant level in expansion tank
Drive motor anti-freeze replacement
Replace every 4 years / 80,000kms
Inspect Brake Fluid level
Brake Fluid Replacement
Replace every 2 years / 40,000kms
Checking of vehicle module fault codes, DTC (cleared after recording)
Check & Tighten power battery tray, guard, crash bar and mounting point
Capacity testing and calibration
Every 72,000km or 6 months (Customer to perform as per owner's manual)
Replacement of gear oil in transmission (NT30 transmission)
Check powertrain for fluid leakage & impact
Check High Voltage harness connector for looseness or damage
Check High Voltage module appearance, deformation or oil stain checkup and replaced if needed
Check charging connector operation.
Checking of the activated carbon HEPA filter and replace if necessary. Every 6 months for harsh conditions
Checking of headlights, turning lights and cabin lighting
Check the operation of headlight height adjuster leveler
Check for foreign matter at EPS grounding point
Check EPS connector connection
Checking of the appearance of EPS ECU for corrosion
Checking of the connection between EPS ECU and motor for foreign bodies or corrosion* and replace if needed
Checking of the vehicle module for software update (updated if any)
Check High Voltage components for wading marks
Check the lock nut torque of wiper arm
Checking of hood lock and fasteners

Feel free to download the table as a PDF instead.


Yes. Time is not kind to things like brake fluid, for example. Some bits need to be replaced at specific time intervals whether you drive around the world or not at all.

Absolutely, and we wouldn’t offer a plan that didn’t stack up. The BYD ATTO 3 Service Plan is comparable to other EV service plans at official dealerships. Furthermore, a comparable petrol or diesel SUV will have a service included in the first three years that costs more than the BYD ATTO 3 Service Plan alone.

This is #fakenews that has been around for many years. The BYD ATTO 3 contains multiple filters, oils, antifreeze and such that still need replacing regularly. Your tyres wear out just the same as on any petrol or diesel vehicle and you still use and wear out your brakes just like in the olden days. All vehicles, including all EVs, require servicing of some kind from time to time. Uncle Steve is right about one thing though; your new BYD ATTO 3 requires less servicing than a comparable petrol or diesel vehicle.

No problem. The BYD ATTO 3 Service Plan is good at any official BYD Service Centre in New Zealand.

This service plan is not transferable, so if you are likely to sell your ATTO 3 before the Service Plan expires, you should go for a shorter plan or pay for your servicing as you go.

Your new BYD ATTO 3 will need its drive motor antifreeze replaced every four years or 60,000km and your gear oil and brake fluid need to be replaced every other year so your fourth year service is quite comprehensive and, at today’s prices, will cost $595. The BYD ATTO 3 runs on a 4-year service cycle that costs $1,390 in total or $347.50 per year. Compare that to any comparable diesel or petrol SUV and the saving is just astonishing.

If you tend to keep your car for a long time, you can always opt for the 6-year BYD ATTO 3 Service Plan for $1,996 and your scheduled servicing is sorted for the next six years.

We have convenient and state-of-the-art dealerships in Tauranga, Hamilton and Wellington. Our technicians are fully trained on all things BYD and we’re equipped to handle all your foreseeable and unforeseeable service and repair needs. That said, the BYD ATTO 3 Service Plan is a nationwide cover for your new electric SUV. If you move to another area or need servicing while on a road trip, you can turn to any official BYD Service Centre in New Zealand.


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